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Price of the Book

        Because of the sheer size of this work, the cost of publication by a conventional publisher would be prohibitive; their mark up plus that of the bookseller can be more than 60% of the recommended retail price!  In order to keep the retail selling price at the lowest possible level I intend publishing it myself, but I can assure you that this will carried out to the highest possible standard of production.  By doing this, and by direct sales, I can reduce the cost price to you by the combined mark up of the conventional publisher and the bookseller.
        This does depend, though, on the potential demand, as I estimate that I will probably need to publish a limited edition of at least 200 copies to make publication a viable proposition.
        Once I have achieved this minimum of sincerly interested registrees, then I will make a final decision on the size of the limited edition.  On completion of The Scottish Basket Hilted Sword I will ask those who have expressed an interest to confirm that interest.  NO payment will be required until I have received a firm costing from the originator/printer and the cost plus postage will be published on this web site, together with an individual bulletin to all registeress by individual e-mail.  Registrees will be sold the work at a special, low as possible price.  Any “left overs” will be sold at a premium price to that offered to registrees.  If you decide that you cannot afford it, then simply let me know, and I will adjust the print run accordingly, but be warned that there will be no spare copies available should you later change your mind!
        To set your mind at ease, I have had previous experience of publishing my own work.  In 1965 I offered my first book, Superimposed Load Firearms 1360-1860 to London publishers who wanted top quality works from authors specialising in the field of Arms & Armour.  They unanimously praised the book, but wanted to reduce the content by a third and the photographic plates by a half (these were the days of hot metal printing and photos were expensive to reproduce).  Even then retail sale price was estimated by them at between 18 - 20.  I had it privately published in a limited edition of 500 copies in Hong Kong (pub. 1996), complete and to a higher standard and sold it directly to collectors, museums etc for only 5.75 a copy, a third of the price the London publishers were going to charge.  Was it a good buy?  Within 2 years of selling all the copies, the price of second hand copies quadrupled and now copies, when advertised on the internet, can command prices of 170.00 and upwards!  Again, it was and remains the definitive work on the subject.
        Publication of The Scottish Basket Hilted Sword is now targetted for end of October this year (2016) commencing with Vol 1.

What size will the book be?

        For comparison purpose only, based on an A4 size format, currently favoured by the originator/printer and myself, it has now increased in size to approximately 11-12 volumes of Dr. Cyril Mazansky’s British Basket Hilted Swords (pub. 2005).  I have now decided that it should be published in 6 seperate volumes. (see Book Facsimile page)

Previously Published Works

Books (published under the family name of D. R. Baxter).
Superimposed Load Firearms 1360-1860 (pub. 1966)
Blunderbusses   (pub. 1970)

Articles on Scottish Basket Hilted Swords.

    • ‘The Welded-Hilt Swords of the 116th Regiment of Foot, the Perthshire Highlanders’. Journal of the Arms & Armour Society.  vol. VIII, no.6. Dec. 1976. (Major D. R. Baxter)
    • ‘The Basket Hilted Swords of Lieutenant General Echlin’ Man at Arms. vol. 13.  Nov./Dec. 1991. (The Baron of Earlshall)
    • ‘Observations on Some Blades found on Scottish Basket Hilted Swords’. 13th Park Lane Arms Fair Catalogue. 1996. (The Baron of Earlshall)