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The Scottish Basket Hilted Sword
In 6 Volumes

Dear Friends,
     You will be pleased to know - at long last - Volume I will be published on 26th October: it has only taken me a mere 52 years of research, the handling of hundreds of basket hilted swords, and copious note taking, to complete the writing and downloading of all 6 extremely large volumes.
     Briefly, Vol. I contains three chapters consisting of 479 pp., 325 black & white plates, 11 colour plates, & 39 figs. (line drawings).  It has been privately published to the highest possible standard, with best quality distinctive covers and top quality pages.  The book measures 12 inches x 8.5 inches; it weighs slightly over 2.5 kilograms (over 5lbs.).  The price per copy is 165.00.
     Because of the high cost of publication, the print run has been restricted to only 200 copies.  Those of you who have pre-registered your interest should already have received your personal email notification.  A small number of registerees would appear to have (over the years) changed their email addresses.  Please notify both myself and Choir Press (see below) of your new email address if this is the case & you still want a copy.  Copies already per-ordered by all registerees will be reserved for one month, after which they will become available for general sale.
     It would be greatly appreciated if you have changed your mind, or circumstances have change for you, that you would be so courteous to inform me by email.
     Choir Press, my publishers, have kindly agreed to act as handlers (including packaging) & dispatchers to facilitate the quickest & most efficient method to ensure that your copy/copies arrive ASAP at your stated address.
     The cost of handling, packaging and dispatch will be absorbed by myself.  The cost of tracker postage, as pertinent to yourself, should be added to the cost of the book; it should be noted that in the case of multi-volume orders, all books will be dipatched individually & separate postal charges will apply to each book.  However, Choir Press will examine the possibility of cheaper possibility of charges on orders of 3 or more copies, if this is feasible.
The cost of tracker postage (as at the time of the dispatch of this email from this website) is shown below:



Estimated Time



1-2 days



4 days



4 days



4 days



5-6 days



4 days



4 days



4 days



9 days



9 days



9 days

New Zealand


9 days

South Africa


9 days



9 days

     If you live in a different country to those shown above, then please inform Choir Press (Tel. 01452 0500016 or email: of the details, when the cost of tracker postage will be notified.  It is possible that different rates of postage may apply in large countries, such as the U.S.A. & Canada & you are requested to check the U.K postal charge as it applies to your area with your local Post Office.  Important: all queries/problems should be addressed to the Choir Press for resolution.
     The current pre-publication subscription list is c.155 copies, assuming all registrees subscribe.  In addition, other firm subscribers are coming forward on a daily basis, so that potentially the number of available copies is diminishing.
     Payment to the Choir Press should be made by:

  • Debit Card payment (by phone) to Choir Press (01452 500016).
  • Cheques made out to Choir Press enclosing your name, address, email address & telephone no.
  • Bank Transfer to Choir Press: please contact through

Note: Please ensure that your name, address, email address & telephone no. are enclosed, together with the numbers of copies ordered, for security purposes.  All details given will remain strictly confidential and will NOT be passed on to an agency or any other source.
     In conclusion, may I hope that you enjoy Volume I and, if you want more, you may be pleased to know that not only are the remaining five volumes completed, but that I am actively working on Volume II (ch. IV c.1600-1700 & ch. V Silver Basket Hilted Swords c.1700-65), arranging the photographic plates into a sequence and layout that will assist the publishers, and ensuring that references are correct etc.  It is anticipated that Volume II will be even larger than Volume I!
     Among major institutions that have pre-ordered copies, are The Royal Armouries, Leeds.  The Wallace Collection, London and The National Museums of Scotland.
     It has been a long road, but I have little doubt that The Scottish Basket Hilted Sword will remain the standard work of reference on the subject for the next half century.
     With my sincere thanks and best wishes to all of you and especially to those who have so loyally supported me in this long journey to publication.

Very Sincerely Yours,

The Baron of Earlshall

     P.S. If you have enjoyed reading Volume I, then you will certainly enjoy Volume II.  Publication of this will certainly be quicker than that of the former, but, while the mills of God grind wondrous slow, those of publishers & printers grind even slower!
     From presentation of the completed typescript to publication will take at lease four months.  I am aiming for a publication date of around June 2017 - but do not hold your breath.  Simply wish me luck in my continuing efforts and endeavours . . . .