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The Book

        This is the result of research into original records, the examination of literally thousands of basket hilted swords in both public and private collections, both in the U.K. and abroad, and the filling of 12 large note books with both notes, comments and line drawings executed on the spot.
        In addition, I have had constant access to my own collection, which originally numbered over 200 basket hilts, most of which are illustrated in this work.
        The first draft of my book was typed up in 1984.  If it had been published then, it would still have been a good work, but I remained convinced that there was s lot more to discover and learn.  And so it proved.
        I had originally planned on only dealing with Scottish basket hilted swords, but I eventually realised that if I didn’t widen the scope to include English basket hilts, there would be a “black hole” in my coverage.  As a result, I have written two additional chapters on basket hilted swords of the British Army in the 18th century.  I thought that this would be comparatively easy as there must be plenty of information on the subject but, of course as I was to discover, there is very little on the matter!  My book goes some way towards rectifying this, but it must be emphasised that the major part of the work deals with Scottish basket hilts and breaks new and exciting ground.

The Scottish Basket Hilted Sword
List of Contents

Volume I

    CH I.        The Etymology of the word Claymore (incl. flukes of two handed Scottish Swords)
    CH II.       Proto Basket Hilted Swords and the Assymetrical Basket Hilted Group c. 1375 - 1550.
    CH III.      The Symmetrical Basket Hilted Group and the Complex Basket Hilted Group etc.
                    c.1550 - 1600.

Volume II

    CH IV.      Basket Hilted Swords of c. 1600 - 1700.
    CH V.       Silver Basket Hilted Swords c. 1700 - 1760.

Volume III

    CH VI.      The Glasgow School of Armourers c. 1670 - 1760.

Volume IV

    CH VII.     The Stirling School of Armourers c. 1710 - 1765.

Volume V

    CH VIII.   The 18th Century: Other Basket Hilted Swords and Different Workshops.

Volume VI

    CH IX.     18th Century Infantry Basket Hilted Swords of the British Army.
    CH X.      18th Century Cavalry Basket Hilted Swords of the British Army.
    CH XI.     Basket Hilted Swords of the 19th Century.


    (i)             Total number of A4 size pages = c. 3,062
    (ii)            Total Number of words = c. 615,400
    (iii)           Total number of black and white plates = c. 1,700
    (iv)           Total number of colour plates = c. 150
    (v)            Total number of line drawings (figs) = c. 225


    The precise number of pages/words per page will depend upon:
    (a)            The type size employed.
    (b)            The size and arrangement of the plates.

These will depend upon a joint decision of the final format between the publisher and myself.